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          Travel around Thailand to broaden your horizons
          2019/6/21 18:42:28

          On March 19, 2017, Shenzhen Prince New Materials Co.,Ltd. 's executive elite stepped on the plane to fly to Thailand after attending the company's "2016 work summary and 2017 work outlook conference".

          Thailand is a buddhist country, from the king down to the people.The most common greeting, "hands clasped in front of your forehead, a thai-language savadhika," was coupled with buddhist gestures, a sign of the depth of Buddhism's influence.

          The 6-day and 5-night trip to Thailand is happy and leisure. The company's top executives visited the grand palace, jade Buddha temple, aranda museum, golden Buddha temple, and the golden house of wealth and wealth.Slowly through the lush, leafy southeast Asia's largest tropical orchard, free to eat different kinds of seasonal fresh fruits;Ride the auspicious elephant, tour the chao phraya river, enjoy the exquisite transfigural dance show.

          Sitting on the moon-lit island dam, the elite executives feel the perfect fusion of Thailand's prosperity and traditional culture.On March 24, 2017, I finished my 6-day trip to Thailand and set foot on my return.

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