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          Prince New material won haier's "golden rubik's cube award"
          2019/5/16 14:30:21

          On March 15, 2019, haier global module manufacturers to a win-win conference was held in Shanghai.A global strategic partner award ceremony was held at the same time.Shenzhen Prince New Materials Co.,Ltd., as the excellent supplier and partner of haier module supplier resource platform, was awarded the "rubik's cube award" by haier.

          CEO lei jie accepted the award

          Haier's "golden rubik's cube" award was established in 2015, which is the highest award for module manufacturers to follow haier's strategic transformation to lead the program to the best user experience, and is the highest reward for module manufacturers to participate in the construction of haier's ecosystem and user value with the modular program.In recent years, rubik's cube award is becoming the general evaluation standard of purchasing industry and the highest honor of module business innovation in household appliances industry.

          The "rubik's cube gold award" is a full affirmation of professional services, fast response ability and stable product quality of wang zi new material over the past two decades, which also proves the influence of wang wang new material in the industry.In the future development, wang wang xincai will continue to focus on customer needs, constantly improve service quality, and provide customers with more high-quality and satisfactory services.

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